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The Amsterdam Connection



Sue Leather

This book is one among the series of fiction titled “Cambridge English Readers”. With such an intriguing heading, the book beckons one to read it. This novella hangs around a London-based news reporter Kate Jensen who is determined to bring to light the culprits behind the brutal murder of her friend-cum-mentor, Max, whose cadaver was disclosed from the streets of Amsterdam. This event literally kick-starts a whodunit which is what “The Amsterdam Connection” is primarily all about. The rest of the story trails along with all the usual elements characteristic of a murder story attached to it. At length, Kate does manage to find the murderer and en route she unearths an evil plot concerning a prominent Football Club in Amsterdam and a huge financial scam attached to it. What most struck me apart from the suspense-filled nature and the unique style of story-telling is the rich geographic description of the city with its canals, making it look more real and like that of a place of the countryside. To be candid, I never thought Amsterdam was this beautiful! And that’s where the real power of an author lies in impressing upon the readers, what they want to believe. This book is ideal for light reading.

Reviewed by

Salini Johnson,

Class: XI- A,(Shift-I)

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