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Manjula Padmanabhan

Urmila was ugly from her birth. But she was very intelligent. She learned  to read in her age of two and was champion of chess from age four. Yet she didn’t get the admission in any school because she was ugly an every one feared seeing her. She was only five and didn’t had any friends. Instead of school, thus her parents decided to leave her to the ministry of defense and as an agent of Mass horrification. Thus in that year, the soldiers led by Urmila won  as she fired up all her enemies. Now she became famous. Nobody considered about her ugliness and she have a lot of friends now !

In this book I met Urmila, who is so ugly that she makes people swoon. Kavita, who can take on gaints more competently than any friends and Sayoni, who has a power to tame even the wildest nightmare. Mrs. manjula padmanabhan tells the story beautifully.

Reviewed by

Prathibha G.

IX A, Shift-I

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