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The diary of a young girl




Anne Frank

This diary written by Anne Frank helps us to understand the views and thoughts of the teenager. Anne Frank opens her heart in this diary and writes down her emotions . In this she writes about the political situation and sufferings that the Jews had to undertake during Hitler’s regime. Anne Frank first wrote  the diary on a Sunday, 14th June, 1942. Then she and her family went hiding on Thursday, 9th of July 1942. In hiding also she continued to write about their hiding place, Van Daan family with whom they were sharing the hiding place, little quarrels between her and her mother etc. She also wrote about her longings for the outside world. She faced her problems with a smile and humour. Anne Frank last wrote the diary on Tuesday, 1 august, 1944. And then she was captured by the Gestopos on 3rdAugest . This diary was her best and loyal friend.

I like this book very much. This is very interesting to read as this is written by a teenager in simple language. This reveals us the situation of Jews under Hitler’s rule.

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