The Sari Shop

31 Jan



Rupa Bajwa

The story revolves around a salesman Ramchand who works for a sari shop. Ramchand’s charactar is similar to that of any common Indian youth who strives hard for a living and is unable to voice many of his feelings.This story that revolves around Amritsar gives a clear picture of the upper and lower class ( economically ) people of this country.

Ramchand who had a very pleasant childhood , as the only son of his parents is left on a turmoil when when his parents die in an accident.He is deprived of education and is sent to work at an early age. The chapters where Ramchand goes in search of English books and expresses his urge for education are very inspiringly written by the author.The transformation of a lazy,boring person in Ramchand to a meticulous learner is a lesson to all school –drop outs.

The author has addressed many social issues such as child abuse , sexual abuse to women, bribery which takes place in our society.

This is a book that any person of any age read. Written in simple English , you can involve in the book as all the characters appear as though in the neighborhood.

Reviewed by

Rakshanya Sekar,8 A

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