The World of Malgudi

29 Jan



R. K .Narayan

It is rated as one of R.K Naryan’s best works. Starting with Mr Sampath, we are told of collaborative efforts of Srinivas,the editor, and Mr Sampath,the printer,who work together on a local weekly. We next meet Margayya,in"The financial expert",who sits under a banyan tree and gives advice on methods of extracting loans from the local cooperative bank.In "Painter of Signs" ,we encounter the unlikely love story of Raman,the local signboard painter,and daisy,a bith control propagandist who is on a visit to Malgudi.Finally, in a "A Tiger For Malgudi",a venerable tiger looks back over his life,from his early days roaming around in the wild in the jungle to his unhappy years in captivity.

Reviwed by

Mathew Abraham, VI A

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    April 17, 2011 at 6:29 am

    very nice


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